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Dr Mrinal Andrew Saha

Consultant Cardiologist MBBS MA(Cantab) FRCP PhD
Dr Mrinal Andrew Saha MB BS, MA (Cantab), FRCP (London), PhD

Dr Saha is a  fully trained Consultant Cardiologist (heart specialist). He trained at Cambridge University (Trinity College) and then Barts and the London Hospitals, with Specialist Cardiology Training at St Thomas’ Hospital and the London Chest Hospital.  He was appointed in  his cardiology consultant post in 2010 at Cheltenham and Gloucester Hospitals.


He endeavours to provide a personalised, holistic approach to his patients, with individualised investigations and treatments.


He was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge University, St Bartholomew’s and the London Medical School, and the University of London for his PhD. His PhD was funded by the British Heart Foundation. His cardiology training included several years’ training at St Thomas’s Hospital, The London Chest Hospital, and the Royal Sussex Cardiac Centre, under the direct supervision of some of the most renowned cardiologists in the UK.


Dr Saha specialises in the investigation of chest pain, palpitations and shortness of breath from a cardiac perspective.


Dr Saha also specialises in coronary angiography, complex coronary angioplasty and stent insertion to treat angina and heart attacks. This means a stent can be implanted at the time of the first angiogram, if necessary, without the need to return for a second procedure. Furthermore, he can perform coronary angiograms or angioplasty from either the wrist or the groin.


He has expertise in all aspects of general adult cardiology, but in particular, angina, acute coronary syndromes and heart valve disease. He also offers expertise on ECG interpretation, and initiated a regular ECG teaching programme for doctors in the Trust, particularly those working in the acute medical specialties.


Dr Saha was previously Clinical Lead for Cardiology at Gloucestershire Hospitals. He has also published a number of book chapters, as well as articles in several peer-reviewed journals. Dr Saha has lectured at both national and international levels and published widely on various aspects of heart disease. His PhD was awarded by the University of London and funded by the British Heart Foundation.

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Results of the 2015 GMC Revalidation Process.


Angina (Chest Pain)
Acute treatment of Heart Attacks using stents (primary angioplasty)
Heart artery disease (coronary disease)
Stent insertion (angioplasty – from the wrist or groin)
Heart Valve disease (shortness of breath)
Heart Rhythm disorders (palpitations, dizzy spells)


British Medical Association
Medical Protection Society
Royal College of Physicians
British Cardiovascular Intervention Society


Dr Saha was awarded a PhD by the University of London in 2010, which was funded by the British Heart Foundation. His research investigated stem cells and their relationship with the injured heart. He has written book chapters in the Oxford Handbook of Cardiology and the Oxford Textbook of Interventional Cardiology.


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