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Heart Health Assessment


Prevention and early diagnosis are key to avoiding cardiovascular disease. Our cardiologists offer basic and executive health screens however we also tailor our service to your circumstances.


Cardiovascular Health Screening services for our patients include consultations with Dr Lindsay, Dr Saha or Dr Scott and discussion on which tests are important in their particular case. We believe in a patient centred approach and therefore only advice tests which are of value to you.


These include:


Assessment of body mass index (BMI) – to review your patient’s weight in relation to their height
Electrocardiogram (ECG) – to measure both the rate and electrical conduction of the heart
Echocardiogram – a specialised ultrasound scan of the heart which gives a range of information including the size and function of the heart
Exercise ECG – to assess the blood supply to the muscle of the heart via the coronary arteries and the heart’s response to exercise.


Following the tests you have a review with one of our consultant cardiologists who will discuss the results with them. If the assessment highlights any problems, further advice will be given or the necessary referrals made to the relevant professional for further investigation or treatment.


Having the ability to consult at 3 hospitals and with clinics running throughout the week, we can see you at a time and place that is convenient to you. We are very happy to review urgent referrals from your GP, with appointments usually organised within 24 hours.


Appointments can be directed to a specific clinician or hospital if you wish or they can be booked generically where you will be seen by the most appropriate clinician at the most appropriate clinic.


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